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MEDCO constantly works to provide the safest work site possible for the protection of project team members, customers and employees so that everyone can go home safe, sound and injury free. The company has an excellent 0.65 insurance modifier rate because of our safety record.


Days without a lost time accident
1982 days and counting

CSEA 2009 Winner
MEDCO Construction L.L.C.
Building Division: 700,001-1 million


MEDCO Construction's safety program has grown and changed, from the beginning meeting basic OSHA requirements to its current status of safety as a core value.  "Our emphasis has changed to making sure every employee, subcontractor and visitor on our jobsites are able to return home safely to their families every day."  The safety program is the responsibility of each employee, not just the safety department.


New to MEDCO this year is a partnership with Traveler's Insurance.  One of the services provided is the Safety View survey.  The confidential survey was administered to all MEDCO employees with emphasis on safety
policies and the culture of the company.  More than 79 percent of employees responded and gave MEDCO high marks in training, jobsite conditions, awareness and enforcement. 


Because more than 80 percent of MEDCO's work takes place in medical facilities, the company faces unique challenges.  MEDCO must comply with infection control measures and Interim Life-Safety Measures.  MEDCO also
implemented several job site requirements that exceed OSHA standards.


Focus on Safety

  • MEDCO has won several Safety Excellence Awards from the Associated General Contractors of America.
  • Employee safety training is a top priority for the safest and best practices, some of which exceed OSHA regulations.
  • MEDCO is a member of the QUOIN safety forum to share best practices with other general contractors.
  • Weekly job-site safety meetings cover a variety of topics for specialty contractors and job-site personnel.
  • A full-time safety director and two full-time safety supervisers who monitor safety issues on every job site, complies with OSHA and hospital epidemiology regulations, leads all safety initiatives and maintains safety policies.
  • An active safety committee meets monthly to review policies and oversee safety awards and programs.
  • MEDCO employees must pass drug and alcohol screenings upon their initial hire.
  • MEDCO Construction participates in the "Stand Down" a safety program initiated by OSHA, QUOIN and other organizations that discuss the 4 leading areas of fatalities in construction. 

MEDCO's goal is for everyone on the project to go home safely to their families every day.




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