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Employee of the Month for May 2018

Congratulations to MEDCO’s May “Employee of the Month”, Sergio Barrientos! Sergio is recognized by his fellow employees for going above and beyond what was asked of him. Fulfilling his current duty as MEDCO’s Warehouse driver, Sergio additionally stepped in to help complete weekend work at Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship. His willingness to assist in this situation, among others, is why we are thankful for his hard work. Sergio is also continuing his education through completing his second CEF (Construction Education Foundation) class, helping better our company and sticking true to our Core Value of Continuous Improvement. We appreciate having Sergio as part of our team! Way to go Sergio!

Employee of the Month for April 2018

Jesus Guerrero-Gomez has been recognized by his peers as “Employee of the Month” for April.


While performing a difficult scope at Baylor Emergency Medical Center at Mansfield, Jesus was diligent in ensuring the facility, clinical staff, and patients were well-informed and protected from the construction work. Several weekends and overnight stays were necessary to accommodate the staff and patients, and Jesus responded without a hitch.


Jesus remained in constant contract with the Owner (Emerus) contact by providing him with accurate look-ahead schedules as well as the approach on how each task would be addressed from a safety and epidemiology standpoint. Thanks to Jesus, this scope which affected six rooms in this fully-functioning facility was streamlined and probable issues were mitigated beforehand. Great work! Thank you Jesus! We are proud of you!



Project Award Recognitions

MEDCO Construction is proud to congratulate the teams who worked on the following two projects that recently received project award recognition. In addition, we thank Baylor Scott & White Health for trusting MEDCO to provide our construction expertise in the middle of their ongoing hospital operations.


Emergency Department Relocation and Expansion at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center


*** Merit Award – TEXO Distinguished Building Award, Health Care ($10M-$30M) category


Project Manager: Aaron Autin


Superintendent: Leo Romero


Complex Multi-story, Multi-phase Hospital Renovation at Baylor Scott & White – Baylor University Medical Center at Dallas


*** First Place – TEXO Distinguished Building Awards, Health Care (over $30M) category


*** First Place – AGC Texas Building Branch Outstanding Construction Awards, Health Care (over $30M) category


Senior Project Manager: Josh Grizzle


Superintendent: Shawn Gibson


Congratulations again to our teams at MEDCO and to all the


stakeholders on these projects!


TEXO Challenge Cup Series Fishing Tournament!

MEDCO Construction would like to congratulate Doug Freeman and Ronnie Robertson for finishing in second place at the TEXO Challenge Cup Series Fishing Tournament! The tournament took place last Saturday, with over 100 teams competing in the windy and cold conditions. Congratulations, Doug and Ronnie on your victory! Thank you both for representing MEDCO very well in the construction industry. You make us very proud!

Employee of the Month - Kevin Robbins - March 2018

Kevin Robbins has been recognized by his peers as “Employee of the Month” for March. Here are some excerpts from those who nominated him:


“Always above the call of duty. He is one Project Administrator (PA) that goes the extra mile completely and totally without being asked. This kind of excellence cannot go unnoticed or unrewarded. Truly an example for all PAs.”


“Kevin has been with MEDCO for a little under two years now. He always has a great 'Can Do' attitude, handles himself in a professional manner and seems to spread joy throughout the entire office. No matter what task is asked of him, he always find a way to take care of the customer. Kevin had been tasked with Bluebeam setup and updates, which on the THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor Plano project has been a large job in and of its own. He exemplifies the MEDCO Way!”


“I have been at Plano for about 6 months now and I have yet to see Kevin in a bad mood. If I ever need help with anything dealing with Bluebeam or technology, Kevin will stop what he is doing and help me. Kevin gives 100% in everything he does and is it great representative of MEDCO. He deserves to be employee of the month!”


Thank you for all your hard work Kevin! MEDCO is proud to have you as part of our team!





MEDCO Construction would like to recognize Lorenzo Brown and Benedict Addai for passing the 6G Welding Certification Test and becoming certified welders for the Mechanical Department at MEDCO Construction.


The 6G (G stands for grove weld) pipe and plate weld is one of the most difficult welding certification tests to pass because the pipe is at a 45-degree angle and immovable.  Welders performing the 6G certification test must weld pipe in all positions including horizontal, vertical, and overhead.  The certification test may also require the welders to weld both right-handed and left-handed.  They both passed with flying colors!


Their supervisor, Rich Qualls, had this to say, "I'd like to thank them for their hard work and effort completing this task.  I feel this represents our Mission Statement to 'Provide expertise, Invest in people, and Build relationships.'  Lorenzo and Benedict both represent one of our main core values of Service Excellence - delivering superior customer service through quality performance, consistency, and teamwork."


MEDCO Construction maintains a Core Value of Continuous Improvement, thus encouraging employees to perpetually look for ways to better themselves and the company.  We appreciate you and your hard work!

Topping Off - BS&W Medical Center Lake Pointe

On March 1, 2018, MEDCO Construction employees participated in the Topping Off of the new patient tower at Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Lake Pointe. This $35 million project is a three story, 75,000 square foot building with all floors connecting to the existing building. Josh Grizzle, Senior Project Manager, and Shawn Gibson, Superintendent, are leading the project. MEDCO is proud to be a part of this project.


Joining those in attendance were representatives from Baylor Scott & White Medical Center Lake Pointe, TD Industries, Sizelove Construction, Baker Triangle, Prism, Rone, Dee Brown, and Zion. The group joined together in celebration of the final beam being raised into place for the project, as well as the construction crew’s outstanding performance and dedication to safety on the project.




Kody Davis has been recognized by his peers as "Employee of the Month" for February.  Here are excerpts from those who nominated him:


In addition to doing RFIs, Submittals, Meeting Minutes, Construction Updates, and other PA activities., Kody has taken on many tasks which are above and beyond his job description.  Kody has taken a leadership role in Advanced Technology Training and is part of the group to further the advancement of advanced technology with MEDCO.  He holds weekly training classes and covers things like Bluebeam Studio, iPads, BIM and lessons on how to use our Digital Plan Table.  He leads the effort in our BIM process.  He is also an integral part of our Building Envelope QAQC program.


Kody exemplifies being a positive team player in every aspect, including spending hours in the field on boom lifts to properly QAQC the building envelope, and documenting the process.  He always has a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done, and works well with all.  He has contributed in a very positive way with our team in helping us to create a successful project, and we are glad he is on our team.


Thank you for your hard work Kody!  MEDCO appreciates you!

MEDCO Construction served at Cornerstone Ministries

On Wednesday, February 21st, MEDCO Construction served at Cornerstone Ministries in South Dallas/Fair Park. Participants served food to the community and encouraged those who walked through the doors. Cornerstone Ministries is a non-profit organization whose mission is to break the cycle of homelessness by offering food, job opportunities, and a welcoming community to those in need.


MEDCO would like to thank the following participants for volunteering their time and efforts to serve at Cornerstone Ministries earlier this week: Niki Atherton, Amy Roberts, Jolie Key, Rick Qualls, Aaron Clayton, Eric Wilkerson, Michael White, Joe Strub, Elizabeth Schuelke, Bill Maday, Mario Delgado and Hannah Theriault. A very big thank you to everyone who was involved in serving!



MEDCO Construction, the builder of The Heart Hospital Baylor McKinney

MEDCO Construction is thankful to be the builder of THE HEART HOSPITAL Baylor McKinney on the campus of Baylor Scott & White Medical Center McKinney. Alan Davis, Senior Project Manager, and Todd Wilson, Superintendent, will lead this project for MEDCO.


Chase Shimek - Employee of the Month - January 2018

Chase Shimek has been recognized by his peers at MEDCO Construction as “Employee of the Month” for January.


Here is what his fellow employees said when nominating Chase:


“Chase took time out of his schedule to spend a whole day helping the estimating team get more proficient in Bluebeam. He was very informative and supportive throughout. This leadership should be recognized because MEDCO will benefit from the efficiency and processes that we learned.”


“Chase has spent multiple times going above and beyond teaching the preconstruction department how to utilize Bluebeam to its fullest potential. He has really helped provide expertise to our department.”


“The Precon Department would not be NEARLY as proficient in Bluebeam if it weren't for Chase!!”


Way to go Chase! Thank you for your hard work!



The Student Construction Association at Texas A&M Commerce

The Student Construction Association at Texas A&M Commerce welcomed Denward Freeman to their meeting on February 1st. Denward enjoyed sharing from his experience in the construction industry and visiting with the students as they shared their comments and questions. Thank you to Debbie Kim, Assistant Professor and Academic Advisor to this association. Thank you, as well, to Chris Blair who is Vice President of the Student Construction Association and an intern at MEDCO. Chris began working at MEDCO in May 2014. We value his contributions at MEDCO and at Texas A&M Commerce.


Jeff Jones - Employee of the Month - December 2017

Jeff Jones has been recognized by his peers as “Employee of the Month” for December 2017. Jeff’s leadership and dedication in his work within MEDCO Millwork has earned him this title, specifically the project that he 

helped complete for Turner Construction in early 2017. This job had a very tight finish schedule. Jeff worked closely with all of the other trades and the General Contractor to meet the turn over date. MEDCO Millwork and Jeff received a letter from Turner and James Glass recognizing him for his leadership as well as a desire to work with MEDCO Millwork in the future. Congratulations, Jeff. We are proud of you!


Congratulations for Completing CEF Classes!

MEDCO Construction recognizes and congratulates the following employees for successfully completing their Fall Construction Education Foundation (CEF) classes. These individuals' willingness and commitment to further their education speaks volumes about their dedication to personal growth. Their academic excellence helps MEDCO meet our mission to “Provide Expertise. Invest in People. Build relationships.”


• Marco Santamaria: Commercial Field Engineering V


• Sergio Barrientos: Commercial Blueprint Reading and Specifications


• Kevin Carney: Commercial Blueprint Reading and Specifications


• James Case: Commercial Blueprint Reading


• Francisco Donato Loza: Electrical Journeyman Prep


• Marcus Francia: Blueprint Reading for Electrical


• Jesus Guerrero-Gomez: Commercial Blueprint Reading


• Demetrio Pena: Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester License


• David Schober: Electrical III-A


• Joey Spencer: Commercial Blueprint Reading and Specifications


• Bryan Villatoro: Electrical III-A


• Rogelio Ybarra: Commercial HVAC Service III-A


Once again, Congratulations! We are proud of these employees!



Commitment to Safety

Today MEDCO Construction recognizes and gives thanks that we have worked 1,229 days without a lost time injury! This breaks our previous record met in March 2013 of working 1,226 days without a lost time accident. At that time our former Safety Director Tim Adams stated, “Our record of 1,226 days started with working one day without a lost time injury and grew from there.” Today, our Safety Director Steve Eppler reminds us that every day we must maintain our daily focus on safety because, as our first core value states, “We commit to the safest work site possible for the protection of employees, project team members, and customers.”

Employee of the Year

MEDCO Construction is proud to announce Aaron Autin as the 2017 Employee of the Year!  This recognition is earned from nominations submitted by fellow MEDCO employees.  Here are excerpts from the nomination:

  • Aaron Autin is my vote for his continuous dedication to daily work processes, to innovative and current software and equipment, and to personal relationships with owners and employees.  He does this all for the betterment of MEDCO as a whole.  Aaron's desire to help all on his jobsites as well as others throughout the company are Employee of the Year worthy.
  • Aaron remains calm under pressure and is always willing to help anyone and takes his time while doing so to ensure you are on the same page.  Aaron also is a major advocate in advancing technology at MEDCO as well as looking for ways to better the overall processes.
  • Aaron's work hours are incredible.  He gets to the job site at 5:30 a.m. every day and is usually the last one to leave.  He manages various projects at the same time and still takes time to talk to his co-workers and subcontractors.  Aaron is never in a bad mood and is always positive.  He is always there to help people.

Congratulations Aaron!  Thank you for your dedication and commitment to helping MEDCO reach our mission to "Provide Expertise.  Invest in People.  Build Relationships."  Great job!

Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition Project

The Adolescent and Young Adult Oncology Coalition project at Baylor Scott & White All Saints Medical Center – Fort Worth received the first place award in the Distinguished Building Awards competition in the Interior Finish-Out 2 ($500 K - 2 M) category.


MEDCO renovated 6,500 SF within the fully operating Oncology Department to become the Adolescent & Young Adult (AYA) Oncology Coalition, a unit that specifically provides cancer care for patients between the ages of 15 and 40. This is the first inpatient unit within an adult health care facility in the United States. Traditionally, individuals in this age range receive care either in a children's hospital or among older adults who have different needs and desires.


Congratulations to the MEDCO team, led by Aaron Autin, Project Manager. We extend this congratulations as well to Baylor Scott & White Health, CBRE, HKS, and the subcontractors. Great work!



Lifetime Achievement Award

We at MEDCO Construction are thrilled to share that our President, Denward Freeman, was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award last night at the annual TEXO Holiday and Awards Gala.


Denward began his career in construction working part time for MEDCO Construction during the summer while in high school. Since that time he has shown that he is a man who cares about people, the industry he serves, and the community in which he lives. Denward understands that relationships matter, relationships built on trust and performance. He holds himself and others accountable for continuous improvement in quality and safety not only at MEDCO Construction but also for the industry as a whole. Denward gives time to tackle tough public policy issues to improve the industry. He is a man of integrity and is trustworthy to strive for excellence in the various roles he fulfills.


Congratulations Denward, and thank you for your deep and genuine affection for people and the construction industry!



Juan Gomez - Employee of the Month - November 2017

Juan Gomez has been recognized by his peers as “Employee of the Month” for November.


In the past few months Steve Eppler, Safety Director, received information from MEDCO associates and others that Juan does a great job with Safety on the MEDCO job sites by providing coaching, training, and holding people accountable. Here are two examples:


 Bob Guill, Superintendent in Round Rock complimented Juan more than once about his Site Safety. He also said Juan is one of the best Safety Managers he has ever worked with.


 Diego Herren with TDI Safety told me yesterday that Juan runs a tight ship in regards to Safety on the Pflugerville project. He is very appreciative of Juan and his Safety on the job and caring for the subcontractors and MEDCO as well.


Thank you Juan! We are proud of you!





Hearts and Hamers 2017

For two consecutive Saturdays, Sept. 16 & 23, MEDCO served alongside Hearts & Hammers to repair a house in Dallas. Participants replaced sliding windows, doors and a ramp as well as painted the exterior of the house and undertook hours of yard work, complete with a few run-ins with some poison ivy!




Hearts & Hammers is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to refurbish qualified homes owned by low income citizens within the Dallas Metroplex.




MEDCO would like to recognize Gail Dillard for her outstanding work in spearheading MEDCO’s involvement, as well as Louis Schindler who serves on the Board for Hearts & Hammers and oversees the work on numerous houses. In addition, MEDCO would like to thank numerous employees and their family members for volunteering their time and efforts in this project. MEDCO was also joined by six student volunteers from Texas A&M Commerce.




A very big thank you to everyone who was involved in this project!



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